Arts Categories

Painting 70 - Oil 71 - Acrylic 72 - Pastel 73 -

Watercolor Drawing 74 - Drawing Mixed Media

75 - One entry using a combination of any two or more of the above mediums

Miniatures 80 - Any medium of the first four categories

China Painting will be found on the Craft Form

Size requirements for the above categories: Maximum 33" and minimum 12" either length or width, including frame. All works must be framed and wired for hanging.Size requirements for miniatures: Not larger than 4" x 6". May or may not be framed.



Size Requirements:

Photos must be an 8"x10" original print and matted. Matting must be at least 10" x 12" but no larger than 14" x 16", with no frames or glass. Matting may be in any color the photographer believes will best highlight their photo. Make certain the following information is on the back of each photo: Category, name, club, district, title and an arrow showing which direction is up.

Photography 90- Portrait

MUST BE 91- Natural History-Flowers, animals, insects,

ORIGINAL birds, trees, etc.

92- Scenic- -Vistas, landscapes, seascapes, snow scenes, bridges, parks, mountains, farmland, etc.

93- Feature – Human interest picture including people,

events, & etc.


94- Enhanced - All photos that have been altered in any

manner including photo shop. May be from any of the

above categories.

Craft Categories

1 Ceramics- Pottery-Hand built/wheel thrown or from a mold.

2 Mosaics- hand built any medium

3 Stained Glass-actual stained glass

4 Jewelry –including jewelry made with beads.

5 Beadwork- other than jewelry

6 Painting- wood, clay, or any porous material

7 Painting-nonporous- china, glass, metal or any non-porous material

8 Paper crafts- card making, quilling, Paper mache, 3/D, stamping, etc.

9 Scrapbooking- Memory books

10 Natural Materials- 85% natural -shells, sand, pine cones, gem stones, leaves, palms, etc.

11 Recycle Materials- bottles, cans, boxes, bags, etc.

12 Floral – silk, Dried/ Pressed flowers, etc. No live material

13 Knitting- Clothing- all ages

14 Knitting- Afghans and etc.

15 Crochet-clothing- all ages

16 Crochet- Afghans and etc.

17 Hand Embroidery Threaded needle, crewel, ribbon

18 Machine Embroidery

19 Needlepoint

20 Cross Stitch- counted or stamped

21 Fabric Craft- painted, felted, stuffed (other than dolls), appliqué (other than quilts), quilted other than bed-size

22 Decoupage and Collage

23 Hand Quilting- 100% hand pieced and quilted – bed size-crib-king

24 Machine Quilting-100% machine pieced and quilted - bed size- crib-king

25 Hand and Machine Quilting Combination bed size- crib-king

26 Family Sewing-all ages

27 Special Event Clothing-

28 Heirloom Sewing - tatting, cutwork, pulled-thread handwork, pin-tucks, lace-making, lace-shaping, smocking, etc.

29 Wreaths- all occasions

30 Doll Making- china or cloth

31 Doll Clothes- Do not display on doll

32 Miniatures- anything on small scale except paintings and card

33 Decorated Ornaments- all occasions.

34 Group Entries- any craft done by 3 or more club members

35 Combination- blending of two or more crafts, please attach a card listing categories used.

36 Open Category – Item does not qualify for any other category

37 Forgotten Crafts – Candle wicking, weaving, macramé, wood carving, hardanger

38 Costume- all ages