CANINE COMPANIONS...........Service Dog Garrison Saves the Day

Bill sustained his life-changing injuries while serving our country in the US Coast Guard. “After seeing my doctor through the VA for so many years, I think he knew the extent to which an assistance dog would be able to help me,” Bill explains. Now Bill is a successful businessman and an active community member. He served on school boards, planning commissions and as treasurer for The Paralyzed Veteran Association. Garrison greets Bill every morning wagging his tail, holding his food bowl in his mouth and is by Bill’s side every minute of the day. “Being in a chair, people think your ability to think and speak is different. Garrison changes that, he acts as an ice breaker and people treat me normally,” Bill continues. “People always ask me about Garrison, and I tell them how he helps me. But really I want them to know about what an amazing organization Canine Companions is. I’ve worked a great deal in volunteer leadership and fundraising, and I’ve never seen a more giving organization in my life.” CANINE COMPANIONS